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Most Likely 2? Friends Edition Party Game

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Most Likely 2? - Friends Edition Party Game

ENTERTAINING: The outrageous adult party game to play with friends

WHO ME?: A game that’s sure to let you know exactly what your friends think of you! Will it be you or will it be another player deemed Most Likely To: Get stoned in front of other people’s parents or Fancy one of their cousins or Win a fight with a kangaroo? In this game it doesn’t really matter if you would or you wouldn’t, it’s all about what others believe you’re capable of! Laugh your ass off when you find out how little or how much your friends think of you!

ADULT GAME NIGHT FAVORITE: Don’t settle for just playing a boring board game, when you can play Most Likely 2? It’s a hilarious way to test your friendships, and find out who is a real friend and who is just pretending! Take it in stride and turn the other cheek because it’s all in fun whether they’re roasting you or you’re roasting them in the game.

  • PLAYERS: 3-8
  • AGE: 18+
  • CONTENTS: 110 Double-sided Question Cards, 8 Player Paddles, 2 Dry Erase Markers, Name List Board, 147 Tokens, Rules