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 Signature & Fraud Detection UV Lamp
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UVPSL2M Signature & Fraud Detection UV Lamp
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UVPSL2M Signature & Fraud Detection UV Lamp
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Signature & Fraud Detection UV Lamp
by UVP

Order Code: UVPSL2M



These Fraud Detection UV Lamps use longwave ultraviolet light to check the authenticity of signatures, documents, tickets, passports, credit cards and currency.

Key Features:
These UV lamps offer a cost-effective solution to security problems as the lamps detect invisible markings and alterations made to documents. Lamp is easy to operate. Simply pass the item in question under the longwave ultraviolet. Invisible inks or altered documents fluoresce when exposed to the UV. 
Speed up customer service
Instant document verification
Deter criminals
Easily detect forged documents, currency and signatures
Easy to operate
Safe to use

Uses 6" 4w F4T5BLB (FL4BLB) 368nm bulb.
Part # 34001001 (shown left)

Dimensions: 6.5"W x 5.75"D x 4.5"H

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation in the part of the spectrum between x-rays and visible light, approximately 180nm to 400nm. It differs from light only that its wavelengths are to short to be seen by the human eye.

UV-A, or long wave radiation, is 315nm and above. UV-B, or midrange radiation, is 280nm-315nm. UV-C, or short wave radiation, is 280nm and below.

When UV radiation falls upon phosphors, it causes the phosphors to emit specific radiation. This phenomenon is known as fluorescence. In some material, the fluorescence lingers on and slowly disappears after the UV source is removed. This phenomenon is known as phosphorescence (Glow-in-the-Dark). Shortwave UV is harmful to the eyes or skin. Proper protection must be worn when operating a lamp with Shortwave UV. Alternately, longwave UV is safe for everyday use.

Available in 115V or 230V.
Possible 7-10 day lead time.

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