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 Wildfire 400W IronArc Metal Halide UV Replacement Lamp 106mm
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WFLMP400D Wildfire 400W IronArc Metal Halide UV Replacement Lamp 106mm
WFLMP400D Wildfire 400W IronArc Metal Halide UV Replacement Lamp 106mm


Wildfire 400W IronArc Metal Halide UV Replacement Lamp 106mm
by IronArc

Order Code: WFLMP400D



35% More UV Output Than Standard Metal Halide Lamps

We're talking about UV output where it really counts: long-wave UV with a peak at around 365nm. This is where you'll get the best (and brightest) results with most black light sensitive materials.

IronArc Metal Halide UV Lamps are specially designed for maximum UV output. In fact, we use a special compound that infuses these lamps with 35% more UV output than standard metal halide lamps. Just imagine how much brighter your effect could be with the right lamp installed in your fixture!

The massive output throughout the entire black light range means that this lamp will help you produce the most powerful effect possible.

IronArc lamps are rated for 1000 hours. (Wildfire Long Throw fixtures will tell you when to change the lamp.) After 1000 hours, the UV output can begin to diminish by as much as 45%, so you'll want to put in a fresh lamp as scheduled.
If you purchased UV fixtures other than Wildfires, using IronArc lamps will help improve the output even of non-Wildfire fixtures.

This 400W Double Ended Metal Halide UV Lamp is appropriate for the following fixtures...
Wildfire WF-402F (400W Flood)
Wildfire WF-402S/F (400W Spot/Flood)
Altman UV-703
Altman UV-704
Altman UV-705
Nocturn N400FL6.*

Whatever fixture you own, this bulb will supercharge the output by 35%. It's the next best thing to buying a whole new fixture!

Lamp, MH, IronArc, DE, UV, 400 Watt

106mm Length

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