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 UV Black Light Floating LED Light - 12 pack (non-flicker)
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OC6326 UV Black Light Floating LED Light - 12 pack (non-flicker)
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OC6326 UV Black Light Floating LED Light - 12 pack (non-flicker)
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UV Black Light Floating LED Light - 12 pack (non-flicker)
by intelliFlame

Order Code: OC6326



These Tea Light UV Black Light Floating LED Lights feature a Steady Non-Flicker light and are ready to use right out of the box. They use 1 x CR2032 battery which is included and already installed. This battery is replaceable! The light unit housing also features an anchor point at the bottom, which allows you to tie an anchor line to keep it in place!

These reusable, Tea Light floating UV LED lights, are waterproof and self contained, so there are no wires to worry about and are perfect for use in pools, ponds, vases, bowls, or any water filled containers. These floating Tea Light lights can be used in or out of water and they don't get hot!

Can be used as nice accent lights on tables around your centerpieces, in the backyard on the grass, lining walkways as a guide to your event or safety lights to illuminate the way. These are just a few ideas that we have found for them and we are sure that you will find many more! Please share your ideas with us!

These water proof UV Black Light LED Tea Light lights are about 1 3/8 inches in diameter by about 1 3/8 inch high, and can fit standard Tea Light Holders as well.

The intelliFlame Floating Tea Light lights are turned on by removing the plastic pull tab. There is no on/off switch, but can be turned off by removing the battery. The battery life of the lighting unit is 40 to 70 hours at the same brightness.

Please note: The body is made of white plastic and the light that is emitted by the LED is UV Black Light in color. The body absorbs the color given off from the LED flame only when the Tea Light battery light is illuminated in the dark! The intensity of the color absorbed is determined by how dark the room is.

Our item images show what the unit looks like illuminated in the dark and in the light. If you have any questions, please contact us.

These lights will not sink to the bottom, they will float on their own. These lights are NOT designed to be submersed. They have a 2 year shelf life with fresh batteries!

To turn ON, pull plastic tab out and make sure top and bottom part of candle snap together to create a water tight seal. To replace battery, first make sure unit is dry. Then, open candle housing by unsnapping top and bottom halves. Carefully remove old battery and replace with new CR2032 battery and make sure that Plus (+) side of the battery is face down. Place light source on bottom half first, making sure to align with 3 notches. Place top half on bottom half and snap together to create water tight seal. Dispose of old battery properly. To prevent corrosion in items that use replaceable batteries, remove batteries after each event.

The intelliFlame family of LED lights are fun, safe, and perfect when you need an alternative for candles in order to meet fire codes or to avoid the dangers of an open flame.


Ultra violet 395nm LEDs never need to be replaced

Run Time: Up to 50 hrs on installed 1 x CR2032 battery

Dimensions: 1.25" x 1.25" x 1.5"

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