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 Liquid Latex Blacklight Reactive Face / Body Paint - 4 oz
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LL1064OZ Liquid Latex Blacklight Reactive Face / Body Paint - 4 oz
LL1064OZ Liquid Latex Blacklight Reactive Face / Body Paint - 4 oz

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Liquid Latex Blacklight Reactive Face / Body Paint - 4 oz
by Liquid Latex Fashions

Order Code: LL1064OZ



Fluorescent blacklight reactive liquid latex face and body paint glows brighly under blacklight, which makes it great for night clubs and dance parties!

Available in 7 neon colors + White:
Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, Yellow

It's safe, nontoxic, and most of all FUN for guys and gals! This body paint is SUPER black light sensitive and will fluoresce under any blacklight.

This special formulation includes FDA approved ingredients that is safe for use on the face and body. It will not clog the pores nor prevent perspiration from forming. It is the only ammonia-free liquid latex body paint that dries at room temperature and forms a highly elastic rubber and lifts off the skin by itself after several hours of wear.

We highly recommend using 2 coats of our Basecoat Foundation prior to applying any fluorescent color. This will allow for easier application of the fluorescent Liquid Latex Body Paint and provide a more vibrant color with fewer coats.

The Body Prep, Clean and Finish kit is an essential addition to any order. The finish sprays are free of petroleum and silicon, which means your paints will stay on, not stick, and when you're ready, come off cleanly and easily - even on hair! Includes enough for use on several people. KIT INCLUDES: 1 bottle of body prep specially formulated to prepare the skin, 1 bottle of fantasy finish polish for a bright, non tacky design, and 1 bottle of body clean to help in the removal of liquid latex from those sensitive areas.

Liquid Latex is not made as a permanent coating on surfaces. Liquid Latex is permanent on fabrics and clothing.

Each 4 oz jar sold seperately.

How much does it take to cover a body?
Generally, it takes one quart (32 ounces) to cover a full body, head to toe, in the recommended 3 coats, often with a little
left over.

Liquid Latex is an all purpose body paint that can be used by anyone. Be aware that the packaging markets it for adult use and may not be suitable for children.

Note: Liquid Latex will become unusable if frozen. Shipping to cold regions during the Winter months is not recommended.

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