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 Invis-ID Medium Point Invisible Ink Pen/Marker
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INVISIDMP Invis-ID Medium Point Invisible Ink Pen/Marker
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INVISIDMP Invis-ID Medium Point Invisible Ink Pen/Marker
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Invis-ID Medium Point Invisible Ink Pen/Marker
by Invis-ID


Normal Price: $9.99
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This medium point felt-tip pen is used to easily mark virtually any surface with a quick drying, durable and permanent invisible ink which won't wash off, rub off, or fade. It is a mild solvent based ink which will never harm any surface. The pen will mark hundreds of items.

Law enforcement and insurance companies encourage people to mark their valuables for identification in the event of loss or theft. This indicates proof of ownership so that the property may be returned to the rightful owner. But this doesn't mean you need to deface your property with an electric engraver! Invis-ID Property Marking Kit permanently marks property with durable, invisible ink that can only be seen under ultraviolet light, such as the included flashlight.

The Invis-ID pen's quick-drying, indelible and invisible ink will not yellow, fade, or wash off with soap and water like inferior toy or novelty products. It will mark virtually any surface, including plastic, metal, painted surfaces, and even glass. Use it on your CD collection, tools, artwork, or bicycle.

-Won't deface property
-Won't affect resale value
-Resolves ownership disputes
-Deceptive to thieves
-Increases chance of recovery
-Aids in conviction

Made in the USA

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