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Light the Night with Black
 Clearneon Invisible Blacklight Reactive 4 oz Brush On Paint
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CNBRIND Clearneon Invisible Blacklight Reactive Brush On Paint - 4 oz Container
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CNBRIND Clearneon Invisible Blacklight Reactive Brush On Paint - 4 oz Container
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Clearneon Invisible Blacklight Reactive Brush On Paint - 4 oz Container

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This brush on paint is ideal for paint brush or air brush application. 4 oz container.

Red: Very bright, very red! This product can be used to mark things that are wild, important, or dangerous.

Green: Bright and Radiant! This is perfect for trees, grass, and all other foliage.

Blue: Sky Blue is a classic favorite. Looks awesome when applied to ceilings for a sky/cloud effect that kids just love!

Yellow: This color is beautiful in all applications, but especially in sunset scenes. Yellow can also be used as a warning color.

This clear coat goes on smooth and is virtually undetectable in normal light. Applies to most surfaces, including cloth and dries fast, leaving you with an eye-catching effect. Note: Some colors will appear different on different surfaces. Also, some colors appear differently when used independently. For Indoor Use only!

Clearneon offers the ability to totally change the environment of a room, in a matter of seconds just by turning on a blacklight. By using Clearneon, an ordinary white room can become that island getway that relaxes you...or really get away and create a galaxy that overwhelms your every sense.

ClearNeon reacts with invisible UV light, and changes the energy of the UV light into visible light. So what ever you paint with ClearNeon actually becomes a light source "light bulb". We use eight different active chemicals to make ClearNeon and each one produces a different color light. ClearNeon is transparent which allows colors to be layered over each other and produce millions color possibilities. When mixing colors you need to remember that you are mixing light and not pigment as results will be different.

Clear Neon contains Rare Earth chemicals that are expensive and difficult to produce. These rare earth chemicals have a property that they become excited and produces visible light when they are illuminated ultraviolet light.:
Different rare earth chemicals produce different colors of light when excited. This property is some times known as Luminescent, Fluorescent or Phosphorescent.

Sun light contains harsh and powerful UV which cause things to fade, and that includes ClearNeon. "Fade" means it will no longer Fluoresce and produce visible light.

We do not recommend the use of LED or Incandescent blacklights with this paint. For best effect, use only fluorescent blacklight bulbs rated at 365NM.

4 oz containers

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