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Light the Night with Black
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  The Wildfire Effect
 Photos just can't do justice to
 a black light effect. But this
section will give you an idea
 of just what is possible when
 you combine high-output black
 light fixtures, the most UV
 sensitive materials available,
 and the creative genius of
 Hollywood's best black light
artists from Wildfire Inc.
High-output black light fixtures + the most UV sensitive materials available = the Wildfire Effect

Wildfire Lighting & Visual Effects

Fluorescent (Visible) Images:
Images that are brightly colored under normal light, and also fluoresce (glow) under black light.

Invisible Images:
Fluorescent images that only appear under blacklight.

Dual Images:
Images that appear one way under normal light, but differently under black light.

Day/Night Transitions:
A type of dual image which features a day scene under normal light and a night scene under blacklight.

3-D Images:
Images that appear three dimensional when wearing 3-D glasses. Lighter colors appear in the foreground, and darker colors in the background.

WILDFIRE Luminescent Visible Blacklight Paint

HOLLYWOOD scenic professionals consistently choose Wildfire Luminescent Paints When creating black light effects. Why? In short, WILDFIRE luminescent blacklight paints are reliable, flexible, easy-to-use, and affordable — making them the perfect choice for UV artists, whether working on the latest Blockbuster Film, or in the private studio. All Wildfire Paints are water-based and completely non-toxic.
Wildfire Fluorescent Paint

WILDFIRE Long Throw Series Black Light Fixtures

Wildfire Long Throw fixtures are the best black lights in the industry. They are the secret weapon behind the legendary WILDFIRE EFFECT and its reputation as the boldest and brightest black light effect available. With Wildfire fixtures, you get more Long-Wave UV Output, more Control, more Durability, and more Safety.
Wildfire Long Throw Blacklights

WILDFIRE Invisible Luminescent Blacklight Paint

Wildfire Invisible Luminescent Blacklight Paints appear white/clear under ordinary light, and fluoresce their color only under black light. These paints are super-saturated with UV sensitive pigments, making them the brightest black light paints available. This is why HOLLYWOOD scenic professionals choose Wildfire paint for creating spectacular UV effects!
Wildfire Invisible Paint

WILDFIRE Luminescent Black Light Water Dyes

Wildfire’s Luminescent Blacklight Water Dyes use powerful formulas for the brightest possible fluorescent effects. Turn any fountain, or closed water system, into a brilliant blacklight effect using Wildfire Luminescent Water Dyes. Just one gallon will treat up to 2,200 gallons of water! Five different stock colors are available in pint or quart sizes.
Wildfire Water Dye
Content Courtesy of Wildfire, Inc.

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