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Developed for discreetly marking high traffic touch point areas which require frequent cleaning, Steril-Rite® markings are only visible under ultraviolet light (aka  blacklight) and are invisible to the unaided eye.

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Steril-Rite® Disinfection Detection Marker - 12 ct
Institutional Pack

Steril-Rite™ clings to a variety of hard non-porous vertical surfaces including mirrors, basins, floors, door knobs, ceramic, porcelain, aluminum, and other washable surfaces not harmed by isopropyl alcohol.

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Steril-Rite® Disinfection Detection Marker

Steril-Rite™ is easily removed with a mild, non-acid, general disinfectant. Steril-Rite™ remnants are only visible under ultraviolet light. Proper cleaning can be observed and recorded.

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Steril-Rite® UV LED Blacklight Flashlight

The Steril-Rite® UV blacklight reactive disinfection detection flashlight allows you to discreetly view, inspect, and monitor the proper cleaning of high traffic touch point areas.

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