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Light the Night with Black
    Martha Stewart
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  Why should kids have
  all the fun on Halloween?
  This year, flip the switch
  on a grown-up gathering
  with these singularly
  spooky glow-in the-dark
  party pleasers.
Martha Stewart Living October 2008

To make sure your All Hallows' Eve party casts a magical spell, go with the glow.
Night Visions p.166
Martha Stewart Living Night Visions
   Go with the Glow
   Blacklight Paint
   Blacklight Tape
   Blacklight Rope
   Blacklight Room Decor
   Blacklight Posters

   Eerie Atmosphere
   Fog Machines
   Bubble Machines

   Strobe Lights
   Laser Lights

   Party Lights
   Warning Lights

   Flaming Dragons
   Grim Reaper
   Super Skulls

Blacklight Basics Martha Stewart Living

black light basics

Martha Stewart Living
October 2008 p.172

An assortment of easy-to-find items, including fluorescent paint and tape, bright-white fabric, Vaseline glass, and even tonic water, becomes luminously eerie in a spectrum of hues when exposed to the ghostly glow of black light.

With these clever tricks, adding a glimmer to the refreshments table, treat bags, and holiday vignettes is frighteningly simple.


48 inch Sleeklook
40W Blacklight Fixture

& Black Light Tube
Only - $39.99
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1/2 inch Blacklight
Reactive Gaffer Tape
(One 50 yard Roll)
Only -
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Spiderweb Tablecloth Martha Stewart Living

spiderweb tablecloth

Martha Stewart Living
October 2008 p.170

Sweet Farewell
Offer doorbell ringing tricksters and exiting guests some treats from a spine tingling tableau.

A tablecloth trimmed and embellished with a black light reactive marker appears to be a web spun by an enormous arachnid. Optical white painted cake stands and cauldrons dish out black-and-white goodies.


UV Blacklight
Reactive Invisible
Ink Pen

Only - $3.99
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Wildfire Optical
6 oz
Only - $18.95
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Haunted Portrait Martha Stewart Living

Haunted Portrait

Martha Stewart Living
October 2008 p.171

Surreal Estate Conjure an abandoned mansion by shrouding furniture in stark white yardage. Fluorescent tape creates extra molding, and pumpkins and silk leaves become lustrous with fluorescent paint.

Surveying the room are the photos, enhanced with cut out fluorescent eyes and fangs. Bottled blacklight bubbles ensure amusement for impish Caspers.


Wildfire Premium
Fluorescent Paint
6 oz.

Only - $13.99
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1 oz. Bottle
BLUE Blacklight
Reactive Bubbles

Only - $3.99
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Night Visions Martha Stewart Living

Night Visions

Martha Stewart Living
October 2008 p.167

Supernatural Buffet Vaseline glass contains a tiny, harmless amount of uranium, which causes it to fluoresce under black light.

Dark-hued fruits, creamy white cheeses, and hanging balloons create a spectral study among cake stands, goblets, and glow-in- the-dark candles slipped into holders, no matches required: These tapers radiate from within.


Blacklight Reactive
Asst Neon Balloons
Pack of 100

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6-1/2 Inch
Blacklight Reactive
Drip Stick Candle

$1.99 ea.
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Cocktail Clip Art Martha Stewart Living

Cocktail Clip-Art

Martha Stewart Living
October 2008 p.168

Drinks to Die For
Treat party goers to devilishly poisonous potables decanted into vessels that suggest an experiment gone awry.

The quinine in tonic water takes on a sinister glow in blacklight, even when frozen into cubes. Clip art labels identify this "toxic" drink and other chilling cocktail components.


Blacklight Reactive
16oz Cocktail
Short Shaker

Only - $8.99
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Blacklight Reactive
Neon Bottle
Top Pourer

Only - $2.99
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