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EsKaLiDiNg - Experience the quirkiness and energy of this refreshing YouTube personality! Tim wants you to share in his fun by wearing some of his official merchandise while dancing along to his videos.

YouTube Channel: EsKaLiDiNg
Style: Stop Motion, Music Videos
Ghero46 Official Blacklight Store
Stand out brightly in black light with a pigment dyed, neon, fluorescent, blacklight reactive tee shirt.
EsKaLiDiNg T-Shirts are available in Neon Blue that look great in normal or blackl light.

EsKaLiDiNg - Music Video

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EsKaLiDiNg Fat Wristband
Stand out brightly in black light with this light blue EsKaLiDiNg glow in the dark green fat wristband.

Add to Cart - $2.99

EsKaLiDiNg Starfish Blue Blacklight Reactive T-Shirt
Stand out brightly in black light or in normal light with this EsKaLiDiNg neon blue dyed, blacklight reactive tee shirt. Includes a glow in the dark wristband.

Add to Cart - $16.99


18-inch Black Light
Fixture with
15 watt Tube

Only - $19.95
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Opticz DJ Peace
Blacklight Reactive

Only - $9.99
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Kryolan Dayglo Cream
Makeup / Body Paint
Sample Wheel

Only - $19.99
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Neon 30 inch
Peace Beaded
Necklaces 12 pk

Only - $4.99
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