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 Wildfire Fluorescent Paint - 1 Gallon
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WF161GL Wildfire Fluorescent Paint - 1 Gallon
WF161GL Wildfire Fluorescent Paint - 1 Gallon


Wildfire Fluorescent Paint - 1 Gallon

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Available in 9 colors.
Deep Violet, Bright Orange, Bright Red, Hot Pink, Bright Green, Brilliant Yellow, Deep Yellow, Deep Blue and Magenta

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Originally developed for the scenic studios of Hollywood to create dramatic visual effects for film, television and amusement parks, Wildfire Luminescent Paints have become the standard of quality for the visual effects professional. The colors in this paint set will appear bright under ordinary lighting and fluoresce brilliantly under blacklight. Wildfire Luminescent Paints are non-toxic and designed to dry quickly to a smooth matte finish that is water resistant and flexible. Choose from Deep Violet, Bright Orange, Bright Red, Hot Pink, Bright Green, Brilliant Yellow, Deep Yellow, Deeb Blue, or Magenta. Select color choice when adding to cart.

Wildfire Luminescent Paints apply like ordinary latex paint. You can successfully apply it by brushing, rolling or spraying. Beause it's water based, cleanup is simple and there's no irritating odor. These paints are non-hazardous and contain no lead, mercury or other toxic ingredients. The absence of harmful solvents makes Wildfire paints easy and safe to use.

All Wildfire Luminescent Paints are manufactured using a special color balanced process ensuring that the colors won't shift when switching from ordinary white lighting to blacklight. The amount of pigment used in the manufacturing of the paint determines how vibrant and rich the color will be. Wildfire Luminescent Paints feature the highest pigment concentration of any UV sensitive fluorescent paint available. Creating deep rich colors with the maximum brilliance under blacklight.

Ideal for use on any properly prepared interior surface, including canvas, paper, plaster, metal, wood, plastic, masonry, fabric or a non-slick, non-oily substrate. Follow standard practices and procedures for properly preparing surfaces for the application of water base latex paints. Surfaces must be free of dirt, oil and grease. Remove all loose, flaking or chalking surfaces. Do not apply over slick or glossy surfaces. Prime surfaces with white non-fluorescent 100% acrylic latex primer and allow to dry completely.

Always test the product before beginning a project. Do not store or apply in temperatures below 58F/14C. Stir well before use. To thin, use water or water based fire retardent . Do not thin more than 40%. Over thinning will result in loss of hide and cause paint to run. For maximum brilliance under blacklight, always apply Wildfire Luminescent Paint over a white non-fluorescent background. When applying to fabric cut back paint by 15% with artist's gel medium to increase flexibility. To achieve the best effect spray whenever possible applying multiple thin coats as opposed to one heavy coat.

These paints can be intermixed to create earth tones and other intermediate colors that glow. For example, combining equal parts of Deep Violet and Brilliant Yellow produces a warm brown. Add more Brilliant Yellow and the color becomes a dark beige. Add more Deep Violet and the color becomes a burnt umber now add a small amount of the burnt umber to Optical White and you've created a very light beige. Always mix under blacklight to ensure color accuracy. With Wildfire Paints you are not limited to the fluorescent palette alone. Virtually every color can be created by intermixing.


• Supersaturated Pigmentation Provides the Most Powerful Luminescence Available
• Exclusive Color Balanced Formulations Prevent Color Shift From White to UV Light
•Artist Quality 100% Water-base Acrylic Latex Retains Binder and Opacity When Mixed with Water
•Fully Intermixable for a Wide Pallet of Subtle Hues, Including Fluorescent Earth Tones
•Ideal for a Wide Range of Surfaces, Including Muslin, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Wood and Fabric
•Water Base for Easy Cleanup with Soap and Water
•Non-Toxic, Conforms to ASTM D-4236

Available in 9 colors.
Deep Violet, Bright Orange, Bright Red, Hot Pink, Bright Green, Brilliant Yellow, Deep Yellow, Deep Blue and Magenta
Each color sold seperately.

Coverage: Approx. 200-250 sq. ft/gallon, 19-23 sq. m/3.78L

Dry Time: Recoat time is approx. 1/2 hour. Dry time is approx. 1 hour. The dry time will vary with temperature and humidity.

Storage: Store out of direct sunlight. To avoid skinning, close container after each use. Keep lid tightly closed during storage. Protect from freezing.

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