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 7-Watt Spot Ultra Violet LED Blacklight Bulb (PAR-30)
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LA7WUV 7-Watt Spot Ultra Violet LED Blacklight Bulb (PAR-30)
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LA7WUV 7-Watt Spot Ultra Violet LED Blacklight Bulb (PAR-30)
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7-Watt Spot Ultra Violet LED Blacklight Bulb (PAR-30)

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The L-A7W-UV is a 7-Watt UV LED light bulb that puts out 395nm ultraviolet blackllight. It is powered by 110V or 220V AC power and uses a standard screw-in E27 base socket. The CNC machined aluminum body helps dissipate the heat and the 45 degree focus lens helps focus and intensify the ultra-violet light coming out of the bulbs. The L-A7W-UV consumes 7-watts of power and puts out the most UV light from a single LED lamp. Non-Dimmable.

This bulb can cover an area up to 20 feet wide and a distance of up to 25 feet. As with all blacklights the closer to the source the better the effect will be. This light is a good alternative to cumbersome canon style lights. However, this light is not recommended for use with invisible blacklight reactive paints.

Rated for indoor use only.

Perfect for:
Checking ultraviolet inks in currency and ID's
Check credit cards - Discover Cards have "NOVUS", MasterCard have "M C", and Visa has an eagle in UV ink.
Activation of fluorescent inks/dyes used as anti-counterfeiting measures
Checking hand stamps at clubs
Examining artwork and glasswork for hidden repairs
Locating damaged/cracked glassware
Flooding blacklight in larger areas.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 75 degrees Celsius
Not for use in totally enclosed fixtures.

Estimated Life: Up to 10,000 hours

Estimated life can affected by surges, dimmers, strobes, frequently turning on or off, etc.

size: 4 1/2" diameter x 4 1/2" long

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