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 Light Up Projection Stripes Shot Glasses LiteRays LED
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LiteRays LED Light Up Projection Stripes Shot Glasses

Order Code: DGLRSSTR

UPC: 098382602325



Add something different and exciting to your club and bar with this incredible new LiteRays LED Light Up Projection Stripes Shot Glasses! LiteRays LED projection shot glasses project 7 different dazzling colors: red, green, blue, light yellow, Cyan, pink and white. There is also a multimode color changing setting where the glass will slowly phase through all of the colors automatically. Simply push down on the shot glass to cycle through each color setting. This particular model projects a striped pattern all around the base of the shot glass. It runs on 2 common CR2032 batteries which are easily replaceable by removing the 2 screws and pulling away the silicone cover from the electronics. 

Can you use your LiteRays for other things besides a shot glass? Of course! Since the shot glass portion easily removes from the projection base, the possibilities are largely limited to your imagination but here are just a few helpful suggestions:

- Use as a wedding plate centerpiece with candy inside or a small flower
- Use as a child's bedside night light
- Use as a light source inside a crystal votive holder
- Use as a name place holders at a dinner party
- Use as a patio lighting accessory

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