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BLWII8L Opticz UV Blacklight Reactive Luminescent Ink - 8 oz. Bottle
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Opticz UV Blacklight Reactive Luminescent Ink - 8 oz. Bottle

Order Code: BLWII8L
UPC: 890747002326



This is that hard to find UV Blacklight Reactive Readmission Ink for hand stamps, box marking, wall decorations, and other unique security applications.

Available in Green, Yellow, and Pink.
Each color sold seperately.
Select color when adding to shopping cart.

Clearly visible under black light. Not easily washed off like other brands, very difficult to remove with effort. Glows brightly under blacklight. Fluorescent blacklighs are recommended over LED or incandescent blacklights for best effect.

Best viewed in dark or shaded area. Normal light (sunlight or white light) can make the effect less obvious to visually detect.

Opticz Blacklight Reactive Inks are suited for use on skin, fabric and similar porous or textured surfaces. Fluorsecent inks work best with fluorescent uv lighting in the 365nm range.

Normal Color: Faint Green
UV Blacklight Activated color: Bright Green

Normal Color: Semi-Visible Yellow
UV Blacklight Activated color: Deep Yellow

Normal Color: Faint Pink
UV Blacklight Activated color: Bright Pink

Simple to use - inks come ready made
Won't gum up - stamp pads stay cleaner longer
Economical - small amounts of ink are used with stamp pads
All inks are formulated to fluoresce brightly under longwave ultraviolet lamps
Readmittance type inks are designed for use at amusement parks, social gatherings and sporting events
Inks are non-toxic, fast-drying and non-transferable

This ink can be used for textile marking, hand-stamping, and fabrics.

8 oz ounce bottle
Alcohol base

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